Our Story



Ndi Moyo was founded by Lucy Kishindo Finch with the help and support of her husband Tony. It was while volunteering with Hospice Africa Uganda that Lucy had an experience that made her resolve to provide palliative care in Malawi:



When the Finches returned to Malawi, Lucy began volunteering at local clinics (and often under trees outside), providing painkillers and other medicines to those who came to her door. It was not long before friends and family recognised the importance of Lucy’s work and the scale of the problem in Malawi, and began making donations to support her efforts. In 2004, friends and family founded Ndi Moyo UK and in 2005 registered it as a UK charity.

Since then Ndi Moyo has cared for more than 1000 patients through its palliative care programme, and also worked to alleviate the needs of those patients’ families. It has become a highly regarded palliative care practice, with palliative care accreditation, outreach clinics, and international recognition.

It remains a humanitarian mission. Lucy and Tony continue to give their full-time commitment to Ndi Moyo. Neither draw a salary for the work that they do. Please become a friend of Ndi Moyo and support our work.

“I vowed to myself then that I would never, ever be put in such a situation again – where I could not help somebody who was suffering..”