Vulnerable Children Programme

Most people in Malawi are subsistence farmers. When a parent becomes ill, many things are at risk from the supply of food and water and the care of livestock and crops, to the maintenance of a home’s thatched roof in the rainy season, and the wherewithal to pay school fees.

We are committed to supporting patient-parents to continue to live at home, provide for their families, and care for their own children. We recognise that the children of patients, or children who are patients themselves, are especially vulnerable. Through our Vulnerable Children Programme we visit all these children at home to assess their health, homes, and the care that they receive. Where necessary we are able to provide basic help. This includes:

  • worming tablets
  • sleeping mats
  • mosquito nets
  • school books and pens
  • school uniforms
  • secondary school fees
  • government boarding school fees for children who are orphaned without carers

We believe that children are best cared for by their own parents and within their own families.


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